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    Is it possible to switch a sim card from a T-Mobile Sidekick to a (unlocked) GSM Treo? (and get both voice and data service)

    I'm planning on ordering a GSM 650 from the NY Roadshow. But since it won't ship for a while, I thought I could go ahead and get a free (after rebate) Sidekick from Amazon to use in the meantime and then switch the sim card when the Treo arrives.

    I know that the Sidekick uses a proxy server, but I thought there might be some way to switch over for the Treo. I could call T-Mobile and switch plans of course, but I didn't know if that would run afoul of the rebate for the Sidekick purchase...

    Any ideas?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $SD$ $data$ $plans$/$rate$ $will$ $not$ $work$ $for$ $the$ $Treo$...
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