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    I have to assume that it is not just me that has horrible gsm coverage with AT&T here in NYC. For others that have AT&T, will you be jumping ship to Sprint for the Treo 650 or hoping that the Cingular merger will make coverage better. I love the idea of Edge being avaialble but it's not worth it if the phone converage still sucks. Anyone heard any news on if/when coverage would increase due to the merger?
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    I have had ATT for some time now and haven't been able to use it in my apt in queens. Just recently I have almost full bars and can answer and even talk with out sticking my head out the window (for real it worked better that way). So I have to hope/ pray that it gets better I have a two year contract... Or I cancel and suffer the penalty fees.
    Hopefully this merger is everything ATT customers are hoping for.
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    Tmobile is the way to go in NYC if you want GSM.
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    I'm not sure about NYC, but in Atlanta, AT&T and Cingular started freely roaming on each others towers since they first announced the merger talks. I have TERRIBLE AT&T coverage and the roaming certainly has helped, but I will still probably switch.
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    If you want to do GSM in NYC, it's basically T-Mobile or nobody. But beware that just because TM is better than the rest, that doesn't imply that they're any good at all.

    I finally gave up and ported my number to Verizon when they started selling the t600. My T-Mobile phone had been getting ZERO reception at my office for over two months... and my office is at 40th and Broadway! Sprint, ATT and Cingular were all equally useless in midtown (I prowled my office looking at other ppl's phones), but Verizon has been rock-solid for me.
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    If you can, wait a bit. Cingular and AT&T's merger was just approved. There are some reports that they are now sharing towers in NYC, but I don't think they are sharing towers 100%. It may be a better option to go with Cingular since they offer both 850 and 1900 MHz frequencies. I also hear that Cingular wants to add more towers in NYC. previously they were sharing towers in NYC with T-Mobile, which was just plain awful. Hopefully the combined networks of Cingulat/ATT will improve things. I plan on looking at them when the Treo 650 is released.

    My friends have T-Mobile. In Manhattan it is great. Going outside the city or even in the boroughs it gets shaky. T-Mobile doesn't have great building penetration. They rake people in with their cheap plans.

    Unfortunately, in the NYC area and most of the north east, Verizon has the best service. Sprint isn't bad either, but Verizon owns the cake in terms of service, reception and reliabilty. They just have expensive plans and probably won't release the Treo 650 until this time next year (by then the Treo 700 will be released).

    I'm really hoping Cingular/ATT make a big push to compete with verizon in terms of their network. Competition is always good.
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    sorry to deliver bad news here but in tri-state area Cingular leases ALL of their spectrum from T-mobile (actually its a swap, cingular swaps their spectrum in socal with tmo's in tri state) there are no cingular towers in nyc. This has created an unusual issue with the merger. Will the swap agreement be terminated, adjusted? t-mobile users could loose big time in southern california but i'm sure they will figure it out, anyone hear anything?
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    Part of the merger agreement was for cingular to sell t-mobile the california towers and start using AT&T's towers in NYC.
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    Cingular had no cell sites in NY. They were using T-mobiles network. Now they will be using ATT's network in NY. Alot of carriers are having problems because they are running out of spectrum. That is why you see verizon buying more in NY.

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