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    I have to assume that it is not just me that has horrible gsm coverage with AT&T here in NYC. For others that have AT&T, will you be jumping ship to Sprint for the Treo 650 or hoping that the Cingular merger will make coverage better. I love the idea of Edge being avaialble but it's not worth it if the phone converage still sucks. Anyone heard any news on if/when coverage would increase due to the merger?
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    I believe it will be at least a couple of years before AT&Tingular customers notice a difference, hopefully an improved one, with their GSM/EDGE service. The newly combined behemoth will probably need to restructure and clean house before it can emerge as a reliable, customer-friendly company. Whenever that does happen, in my opinion, I believe it will be a good, cutting-edge wireless company and a serious threat to the current Grand Poobah, Verizon Wireless.
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    You are so right. It is going to take time to change everything over

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