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    There might be some other threads about this, if so point me in the direction...I've got media works unlimited, my monthly usage is typically 20-30Mb. But I'd like to take my usage about to about 60-70Mb. I'm curious as to how much "unlimited" usage I could use before Cingular might say "good grief, enough already" and yank the plug on me... anybody got experience with mega GPRS usage on the unlimited plan?

    On the other hand, I use almost no SMS, maybe 30 or so per month (I think the plan has 1500 if I remember correctly)

    Thanks all
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    True unlimited is unlimited. As much as you can, into infinity and beyond that is if you can do it.....

    Any number restriction put by provider is not unlimited.
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    Over on Howard Forums I saw a thread asking people how much data they use. Many reported 150MB - 350MB per month average on Cingular and they've never been hassled.
    For what it's worth, the $50/month unlimited PDA plan on AT&T used to warn that using over 100MB 2 consecutive months in a row could result in dicontinuing you from the plan, but that fine print was eventually removed. Cingular has no such language except to say you can't use it to run web cams or other types of things that result in continuous data sending.

    So don't worry about it. I use typically 65MB/month. I personally shoot to stay under 100 MB/month. However, if I get the T650 with EDGE I can see that average go up with the faster speed. So far no one has ever posted that Cingular took away Media Works for usage that I know of, and you KNOW they would.

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