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    There will be changes ,but all for the good as far as the customer is concerned. ATT had way better national coverage for edge, but Cingualr now owns it. You will only see a better network for the customer, but there are alot of infrastructure changes that need to be done and that will take time.
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    That was fun... NOT...

    I just spent about 30 minutes on the phone with these guys. Since I'm in NC and supposed to be sold to SunCom's parent company, I'm considered a competitor. Therefore, I have two problems: 1) I'm considered a "defector" as I'm actually going to a competitor not just changing rate plans within the same company. 2) Since I'm also known as a "defector", they won't give me the unlock code to move to another provider.

    Figures because my last bill was outraegous because I went over minutes. For the same price, I get unlimited data and 3x minutes with rollover with Cingular. Sigh...
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