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    I remembered I saw some threads talking about $20 for unlimisted data plan and hot-spot.(not seperate, altogether).

    is that true? I called t-mobile, they said they only have them in seperate plan each with $19.99.

    can anyone show me how to get that plan?

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    T-Mo had a posting problem making it look like the plan was one and the same.

    It was actually meant to be a promo for the HP Ipaq (I forgot which model) they have announced IMO.

    For other (Treo 600) subscribers, the two features are sold separately.

    Check the T-Mo website and you can see the pricing for each device.
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    from what i have seen, even if you have the ipaq 6315, the price was still 20 for each service.
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    Oh, really, that means TMo really messed up big time for that posting. I thought it was an HP Ipaq promo only.
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    I just went to T-Mo website and they do offer it to HP Ipaq 6315 as separate items but no charge.
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    I will end the confusion here. When the ipaq 6315 first came out, a plan was made (the iPaq Minutes, Mail, and More) specifically for it. They make that plan by adding a few extra things to the basic Get More plan and charging less for them. They had no way to do this without combining Internet and Hotspot under one charge. They then forgot to block out that option to just the normal Joe wanting extras for their account. It was supposed to be addable only by a CS rep when they were putting together the Ipaq package. Hope this helps.


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