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    I got the unlimited internet data plan and unlimited hotspot plan.

    do they include unlimited text messages and/or mms?

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    If you are in T-Mo, no SMS is not unlimited but you may have some SMS count thrown in depending on your plan.
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    If you are with Verizon, the answer is no. You need to purchase a plan for sms and mms, or you get charged for each send and receipt.
    An easy way around the carrier charges is to get an email program like SnapperMail which uses the internet/data option.

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    Based on the fact that you mentioned "Unlimited Hotspot Plan" I'm going to assume you have T-Mobile. If thats true, then no they do not include any SMS. You must add SMS seperately to your account. The Unlimited Internet plan does include 100 MMS messages per month though.
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    If you are signing up for a new plan, try to list what your needs are and negotiate for them. You will not get everything but the phone provider may have alternate plans not published and offer them to you.

    The problem with Internet signup is the limitation of negotiation and also exhange of discussion with a fellow human being.

    Anyway, I have unlimited internet and 500 text messages plus 100 MMS with no extra fee on the text messages. This is a plan when I originally signed up.
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    For GSM networks, SMS runs on GSM while data runs GPRS. Thus, the answer is no for GSM networks.

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