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    I haven't been able to make a data connection since 5:30 this morning in Boston. Has anyoune else experienced this?

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    On GPRS right now down south.
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    I'm in Boston and have had the same problem.
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    I had the same problem in D.C. this morning. Service is back up now.
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    Yeah, it started working for me at about 10:30. Good thing it didn't last too long.

    Thanks all for the info.
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    I am in Boston, and my Treo has been going HAYWIRE for a few weeks. Dropping calls, stuck in loops, never-ending network searches. I finally called T-Mobile (I know...why even bother) and they said nothing was wrong with the network. So I requested a phone swap. They _said_ they were setting up an advance exchange, and that I would get a confirmation message. I have not gotten this yet and haven't been in the proper frame of mind to converse with a TMO rep for 35+ minutes of my life. But, hopefully I will get it, and that will solve the problem with MY network stuff. Friends of mine in the Waltham area have also been experiencing more and more frequent outtages with TMO. Not all are on T6's... a new HP PPC, and a few average joe phones...

    Anyone else having these issues?


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