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    Can someone tell me if voicemail notification on a Treo 600 with T-Mobile is similar to the way it works with all T-Mobile phones? In other words, right now on my Nokia 6600, I have to acknowlege a text message and clear that out.

    How does it work on the Treo 600? Is it any more convenient on the Cingular or AT&T versions, for instance?

    I'm thinking of buying a used Treo 600 on T-Mobile just to try it for a few months before the 650's come out...and if it works really nicely on T-Mobile, I may just stick with them and renew my contract.

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    it IS the same on T-Mobile, it is also the same on Sprint, and I believe it to be the same elsewhere as well, but I have no first hand experience with anyone else
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    Thanks viper0775.

    So in other words, with the Treo600 and T-Mobile, you don't just get a simple voicemail indicator, then you push a button to call your voicemail? See, I had Sprint a year ago, and I loved it - the phone just said "new VoiceMail" and I'd push one button. With T-Mobile and my existing Nokia 6600, I get a text message, which I have to look at (otherwise the envelope icon will be there for ever), then I can call voicemail, and it all adds a couple of extra steps. Just need to clarify - the Treo 600 (on T-Mobile) acts the same? Or is it more simple and convenient?


    p.s. can someone give me a good resource on where and/or how to buy a Treo 600 for T-Mobile without doing a whole new contract routine?
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    You have to open the text message, but calling VM is pretty easy, you can either click on the '123' (and then click dial) or go back to the phone app and hold the number 1 for two seconds and it dials voicemail.

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