Hi there,

I'm a T-Mobile customer in Los Angeles, and I'm interested in getting a new Treo 600 or 650 when they're released. I was wondering if any of you might be able to help guide me. T-Mobile has been OK - I do really like the fact that I have unlimited data with T-Zones using my Apple Powerbook via bluetooth to my Nokia 6600. But the reception, particularly in Hollywood and Silverlake, is spotty. Aside from that, my main problem with T-Mobile has been their system of voicemail notification with text messages, which is just cumbersome and weird. So, with that in mind, would anyone advise me to move to another provider? T-Mobiles prices seem to be good, but their data system is slower than others, correct?

Does anybody have any experience with Cingular in Southern California on a Treo versus T-Mobile? And should I consider AT&T wireless too?

Also curious if anyone has any prediction if I will be able to use a Treo 650 as a bluetooth modem like I do now with my PowerBook and Nokia 6600...or will certain providers be likely to disable that feature?

Thanks a lot,