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    Helllllo All,

    I am looking at getting the Sony Ericsson GC79 for my lappy. But I don't want to always swap my SIM card between my Treo and this card. If I have an extra SIM card can I copy my current one onto the spare SIM card? And use it in this card while using my Treo also.


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    That seems like a good question to me.
    You are not alone. I would like to know as well.
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    There are some software + h/w available in Asia for the purposes of consolidating accounts into one SIM card. I was told that there also apps that let's you copy SIM for purposes of replacing damaged SIM.

    The only problem is US carriers may not approve of that software/hardware. I searched the web and the information are more about what you cannot do, which is copy a SIM.

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