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    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before, but...

    Anyone have any preferences for service providers for the Treo? I'm currently with VZW and am loong to get a T600, but coverage here isn't great (poor at home and office) and I'm worried about VZW "crippling" the Treo. Sprint I hear bad things about service-wise.

    So it's down to T-Mobile or Cingular. I travel to Europe about once a year so the world-phone GSM support looks nice.

    Any preferences anyone? Good/bad reception? What about data services?

    I'm in Seattle, btw.

    Thanks for any and all input!

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    T-Mobile works great where I live but, you need to test both where you live, work, and play. It's the only way to truly know what's best for you. As far as Europe is concerned, T-Mobile is International and has awesome coverage in most of Europe.
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    I'd go GSM ... I use ATT and pay $39 for 550 minutes and $25 for unlimited mmode (so far 1 month and its unlimited internet )

    -- Vikram
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    Hello Vikram.....quick question.....your $25.00 for unlimited mmode ... what is that....I still haven't figured out yet What MMode is.......I am paying $19.95 for 8mbs. of download from AT&T here in So. Florida......does your $25.00 of mmode mean you have unlimited internet access?

    See my question above, also in this thread, re. AT&T billing.

    Please advise...thanks,


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