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    I Spent hours on wirelessmodem users archive, trying to find answers, to no avail, this is for Mac OS 10.3.5 and a G4 powerbook:
    - Installed WM 1.1., got the GPRS Script Generator from Massimo, and paid for it too, got the generic modem scripts from that did not help ! What settings do we have to use ??!! Telephone Number ? Account name ? Password ? Some posts say *99***1#, some other posts say but nothing works ! Same message over and over: The connection has failed. Please verify your settings and try again... Has anyone had any luck with wirelessmodem cingular ? This is so frustrating, no one answers !
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    I am using WirelessModem and Cingularf. I assume that you have activated a data plan like MEdia Works. How far do you get? Can you get the Treo to 'dial up' Cingular GPRS? You should use the number from GSG. You might need to alter the settings for Cingular APN/ISP (see my posting to the WirelessModem forum and also to TreoCentral--do a search).
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    Dear Jposin,

    Yes, I have activated internet Express plan, how far do I go ? " The connection has failed.." that's how far ! I'm not entering a number, since instructions on generic GPRS specify:

    Do NOT enter a phone number in the 'Number' field - the script automatically dials 99***n# to activate GPRS. Put the APN in the 'Number' field instead, or enter "None" (without the "") if there is no APN for your GPRS network. Do not use the usual username & password you use for your dialup ISP - use the username and/or password provided by the GPRS network operator.

    So I entered "None" without the quotes, what do you mean by " You might need to alter the settings for Cingular APN/ISP" ....

    What is APN anyway ? Searching in forums as you suggested bring me nowhere, I am sure I am not the only Powerbook 10.3.5 - Treo600/cingular user out there needing help for using treo as modem, could you direct me/us to a step by step formula to have this work ? thanks a lot.
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    There is a pretty reasonable step by step at the NotifyMail site which does talk about using Sprint, but just substitute the modem settings from GSG. The script phone number (with the 99) is correct. I'm not at my Mac now and don't have the details. The username and password are from the GSG app. I'm not sure if the Internet Express plan is the right one, but I do know that the MEdia plans work.

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