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    Well, me and my wife are verizon users....and after looking through their plans ($30 for 5MB data and $50 for unlimited), I decided I won't be getting a treo with them. I did a quick search and T-mobile seems to be the best value. Unfortunately, I'm still on Verizon's two year contract. Has anyone ever had any experience with another company buying out a contract or any other way of getting out of it? (without me paying a penalty).

    This 650 looks AWESOME but it's not worth an extra $50/month for me and I've read some horror stories about getting overbilled, so I don't even want to consider the 5MB option. So if I can't get out of Verizon's contract...I'll just have to wait until next year to get a treo (probably have the next model by then anyway!) Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    Of course, you could always just pay the cancellation charge.
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    You cancel they charge.
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