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    Cingular claims that a Treo 600 using their service in the U.S. is set up to automatically connect in Europe for data services such as email and web browsing. There is nothing I have to do except pay an extra charge. Has anyone triend this and if so, how well did it work? TIA
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    I have used Cingular GSM in Europe and North Africa with no problems. The coverage in Morocco is better than the coverage in the Bay Area. However, I believe that by default international roaming is turned OFF as a fraud protection measure. I think you have to call Cingular and ask them to turn it ON, or your sim card will not work. Calls were surprisingly not too expensive back to the USA. Several years ago when I did this they said it might take 7 days to take effect (international propagation?), so do it early. I have also seen a number of discussions of prepaid sim cards, which would obviate the need for disabling the fraud protection since you would not be using your Cingular account. I have not seen or used these cards personally.
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    I was just in Europe (France, Italy, Spain) roaming on my Cingular account. Yes, you need to call Cingular and activate International Roaming (and also international calling if you want to call from US to other countries). The per-minute costs are a bit steep ($1-2 or so). I chose to buy a prepaid SIM and make my calls back to the US with this. There is an up-front charge, but the per-minute rates are much better. Check out telestial ( for one company that does this to see if the price makes sense for you. I would pop in the prepaid SIM and make my calls, and then would take it out. I left my Cingular SIM in to receive 'urgent' incoming calls [not too many folks have my cell number].
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    Of course the other solution is just to drop into a local wireless store when you get over there and buy a pay-as-you-go plan. You'll save 20 Euro or so and still be up and running in about 3 minutes. The only downside is that you won't know your number until you sign up. But, per minute costs will be significantly cheaper than Cingular international roaming.
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    Everyone so far mentioned making calls...but what about connecting to the net while in Europe to check email on the Treo?
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    I have a pre-paid plan with TIM in Italy. I am in the US now, so this may be different when in Italy.

    I put the SIM in the T600 and it registered immediately on Cingular's network here. I tried checking email with Snapper and was able to do so with not trouble. I tried logging on to an internet site and was not able to do so. So, email works but internet does not.

    I did find that I have to add data transfer to my account. It is a metered service and costs about $25. It is possible to do that on a pre-paid basis, but I was not able to figure out the proceedure online from the US as that portion of the site is only in Italian. I'll be back there in a few weeks and will add the service to my account when I'm there.
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    I was unable to use GPRS on Vodaphone with a simple pay-as-you-go SIM in Ireland. Other's may have had better luck. I didn't try too hard... I _was_ on vacation

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