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    Thought I'd spread the news. I saw this post over on Howard forums that Cingular will be allowing Treo 600 and 650 owners to get Media Works Unlimited until 12-31-04.
    "For a limited time, Cingular will make the MEdia(SM) Works package which includes unlimited wireless Internet access available to PDA devices. "
    See the thread for full details. Here is another thread that claims to have verified this:

    fishez3 said that from what he heard it was for new customers only, but the memo doesn't say anything to that effect.

    Now it's common practice for carriers to make all offers 'limited time' and subsequently extend them when they expire, so it's not clear if this is really a limited time thing. Remember that Media Works unlimited was originally only offered until July 04.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee
    I have never had any luck adding MEdia Works from that page. I have had it on my Treo for months. I just called 611 and asked. They never asked what kind of phone I had.

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