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    I was in a Tmobile store today and mentioned that I have the old SIM
    card from my Treo 270 in my Treo 600. The only noticeable item was that
    the words Voicestream comes up after network search is completed.

    So the sales rep offered to upgrade my SIM card to a Tmobile one at
    no charge. No, problem, yet now I cannot get connected to the internet.
    Snappermail will not connect, and I have tried network settings for both
    Tmobile Internet and Tzones.

    Just spent the last hour on the phone with tech support. Have done the

    Tmobile reset my services settings on their end. Waited the two hours for
    full activation with no success.

    Tred soft resets multiple times.

    Tried Network settings as Tmobile Internet and TZones with no success.

    They had me go into Network settings and set up a New connection,
    with settings through the advanced settings. No luck.

    SMS seems to work ok.

    Any ideas out there.......heck I use this every day, multiple hours a day
    to stay connected to email, etc.....and TMobile support told me they
    are now giving this over to their engineering department and I should
    expect a call within 72 hours.....that sucks....can't wait 72 hours.


    Rbatsun - out
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    Tmobile had to reset my settings in their systems.

    Rbatsun - out

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