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    I've had my TREO 600 for about two weeks now, after nearly two years with a Sidekick. I'm mostly very pleased with the TREO, but still working out a few kinks.

    Although I'm just a dabbler in SMS, I've noticed that SMS messages sent via email (i.e., take FOREVER or NEVER to get to my Treo! Is this abnormal? I've tried sending from my work email, home email (comcast), yahoo, etc., and all of them take at least 15 or 30 minutes or never arrive. And the yahoo message was received as MMS, I guess because it is in html format.

    If I send email from any of these accounts to a regular mail account, it arrives nearly instantly, so there is no ISP lag.

    Any insight into this? Is it a problem with the phone, or a Tmobile problem?
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    I sent myself two messages in this manner this morning and I noticed the same thing. I did use a different format for the address ( and when sending the messages but I don't know how much difference that made because they both eventualy got to me. It seems that in the past that they were delivered more promptly. I suggest you call T-Mobile and complain about it and see what they say.
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    When you send to sms through email, you are using an internet gateway, and there will be some delay. I have seen no delay when texting phone to phone directly.
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    I only have a 2-3 second delay here in PA. No big deal. I use
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    I've had a delay of over 12 hours twice in the SF bay area
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    Try and see if you get faster turnaround.
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    I've noticed this as well with T-Mobile in Utah. If I send a message via hotmail it arrives 4-5 hours later as an MMS. Weird.
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    I just tested this twice with the format and the messages hit my Treo within a minute each time. Houston area.

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