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    If you signed up for the hotspots/gprs and then cancelled when you got double billed. Please contact me if you can not get the double charge credited. I am working with a group of people to get everyone credited for the confusion.
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    I used the iPaq 6315. I was stoked when it came out. I was second in line at CompUSA the day THEY released it (a few days before official release) to get it. I opened it up, and it sucked ***. It was probably one of the most horribly thought out and (not) tested devices I have seen. The thought process is there, being with WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPRS/GSM built in, but the device needed to be tested before release. It freezes CONSTANTLY, and it won't even find a GSM signal without a soft reset after being inside for a few hours (I get horrible signal inside my hospital). All said and done, I tried to give Windows Mobile convergence devices a chance. I am a Handspring user from back in the Deluxe days, and I just know the functionality of the Palm OS to the core. I gave windows a chance, and my final conclusion is that they need to stick to desktop/notebook products. Their mobile phone/convergence devices just don't cut it for me. Especially the iPaq 6315.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000

    You better keep a close watch at it if you have no contract stating that you have it as one charge only. T-Mo internal audit may check and adjust your billing, without informing you.
    Update ... I second this suggestion since I thought I was safe.

    Here is my update ... I have now been in contact with a CSR that actually returns phone-calls and she diligently researched the 'confusion' and at first told me the plan was never for a single charge but that it was 2 charges for each service. After I told her that I had screen grabs from my signup (something I do as receipts) she asked me to fax them, which I did. I also pointed out to her that the main overview page that used to read $19.99 now read $38.98 so it had been altered by T-mobile.

    She then called me back confirming the fax and had discussed the situation with her manager and agreed that I had signed up for the plan at the single price of $19.99 and that she would credit my bill for the second charge.

    Great but then what ... so I asked her to make sure this was a permanent addition so I wouldn't have togo through this each month. She then gave me a case number with Customer Relations and said they should be in contact with me in 24 hours to make the permanent change.

    WELL ... they did contact me and asked for my phone number!! Obviously these separate departments do not communicate. So after giving them the basics I get a short email stating I had been correctly charged and that there are 2 separate charges of $19.99 totaling $39.98 and that my bill will not be credited.

    WOW ... so here I am back at square one with T-mobile not sure of their own story .. now it is off to the Better Business Bureau and I have been advised that if we had enough people this is definitely a case of bait and switch since they are not honoring the plan and price I signed up for. I am also speaking with some media connections who may be interested if there are enough people affected ... stay tuned.
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    I had the same experience..They agreed to give me 1/2 of the extra 19.99 back as a credit, not the whole amount..Let me know if there's anything else I should do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoslicer8
    I will end the confusion here. When the ipaq 6315 first came out, a plan was made (the iPaq Minutes, Mail, and More) specifically for it. They make that plan by adding a few extra things to the basic Get More plan and charging less for them. They had no way to do this without combining Internet and Hotspot under one charge. They then forgot to block out that option to just the normal Joe wanting extras for their account. It was supposed to be addable only by a CS rep when they were putting together the Ipaq package. Hope this helps.

    How do you know what they are thinking at Tmobile?

    I could guess that that is what they are wanting to do, but if they have no way to enforce things, then why would they do it? How do they know someone has an Ipaq? Obviously they have no idea what phones people have since they ask me what I have every time I call in with a problem. I could be using any GSM phone for all they know.

    And the thing is, what pisses me off is how they are handling this. No one knows what is going on and they just keep denying what is obvious, that they are changing people's plans after they sign up for things. And leaving us with strange sets of options. As mentioned before, why would someone sign up for "Unlimited HotSpots" for $19.99 and "Tmobile Internet & HS" for $19.99? I wouldn't, and I didn't.

    But instead of there even being a record of the change for me, or a note saying why things have happened, I just get clueless CSRs and "supervisors" who seem to have a lot of trouble even getting me off the plan and crediting the overcharge back to me.

    And anyway, it isn't exactly very fair to offer some sort of plan like that to Ipaq owners just because it has wifi and wireless. I guess that is up to Tmobile to make those kinds of poor decisions.

    But then, there is a Starbuck's here in Atlanta with the worst Tmobile wireless reception I have seen in quite a while, but yet it is a Tmobile HotSpot. And not only that, it is probably one of the most heavily used Starbuck's in Atlanta, due to being in the heart of gay Midtown. I know a number of people who have complained about reception there...

    (I have to admit that they may have change things because the last time I was there I was surprised by the reception quality. How do things like this get on the radar for a company like Tmobile? I would like better reception at my house as well.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by owenbg
    I had the same experience..They agreed to give me 1/2 of the extra 19.99 back as a credit, not the whole amount..Let me know if there's anything else I should do.
    Hmm, I wouldn't be happy with that. I have no idea if they will go through with it, but they said they would credit the full $17.?? back to me that I was charged. That is prorating the $19.99 over a partial month.

    I would call them back and demand the full amount back. But then, I spent 35 minutes just trying to clear things up for my account. Way too much time for a really stupid error on their part.

    I am all wired about this stuff because I am also dealing with VW Golf to get some repairs done that should be under warranty. They should probably replace my entire VW Golf under lemon laws. What a piece of junk when it comes to reliability! OK, sorry about that extra off subject rant. I feel a little bit better.

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    Call a local Tmobile business offce, not a retail store. Their corporate customers have different sales staff that can get different answers. I can call and get a product code of what is on my bill if that would help. I thought about asking when I checked last time.

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    OK. So I just got off the phone with TMobile's (extremley helpful, honestly) CSR Kristen, and this is what she had to say: Well, pretty much what I typed before:

    Quote Originally Posted by TheHandlessKing
    Well, I'm a little sad, but I've found out the truth about the mythical TM Internet & HS plan.

    This explains why many a CS Rep thought that it really was just 19.99 a month for GPRS and HS:

    The way plans are set up are this way: Let's say you have T-Mobile Unlimited Internet (GPRS) on your account, and you wanted to add Unlimited HS to your account. What happens, is that there is a conflict between those two individual plans when trying to add them on the same account. What T-Mobile does to get around the conflict is combine them into a single line plan, that splits into two charges when added.

    Basically, when a CS Rep looks at the TM Internet & HS plan, it looks like it would be a single charge, however, when actually added to your account, it automatically splits into TWO charges (single plan, get it? One plan, two charges), one charge for TM Internet & HS (19.99) and one charge for HotSpot Unlimited (19.99).

    Hopefully this helps.


    By the way, Kristen, you rock.
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    Well folks, we are all screwed! The $19.95 plan for unlimited GPRS and Wifi Hotspot really doesn't exist. I finally got mine resolved yesterday and gave up the wifi. Guess I'll be spending more time at Panera Bread instead of Starbucks!

    On a related note, $2.99/month Tzones/MMS SMS no longer exists as a plan. The new cost is $4.99 just for Tzones. I am grandfathered, though my tzones isn't working right now.

    Ah T-Mobile, I love them but things seem to be going downhill.
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    To be perfectly fair, I don't remember ever seeing the 19.99 price being officially pimped by TMobile. I only remember being pimped here through someone that wasn't affliated.

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    To be perfectly fair, the price was pimped by T-Mobile for a very short period. It was listed on their website for a couple of days. When I signed up, I actually had to point the t-mobile CSR to it over the phone. He then found the same plan on their system and gave it to me. Unfortunately I got stuck with the double charge

    Quote Originally Posted by TheHandlessKing
    To be perfectly fair, I don't remember ever seeing the 19.99 price being officially pimped by TMobile. I only remember being pimped here through someone that wasn't affliated.

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    just went over this with Tmobile. They are saying that HS stands for Hand Set!!!

    Without going back through this thread, did anyone else hear that?
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    no.I was toldit meant Hot Spot. I think this is so funny. They change their tune everytime you talk to someone. it is a different story. they could at least talk to customer service or send them a memo so they all get their lies straight
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    Tmobile is a corporate crook. Period. They stole $400 from me about a year ago. No flames needed, no threats of lawsuits. The case is solid, Tmobile is a corporate crook with 2 heads, one that rips you off of your hard earned cash, and the othe head wastes your free time with constant lies about how your going to get your money if you would just do this, when you tell the two headed monster you have already done that 4 or 5 times they instist that you do it just once more and you'll get your stolen money back, never happens, soon your head is bleeding from banging it into the wall. My sugestion, Give up on the $20 the stress isn't worth it, find some other way to get it.

    Remember tmo has a 14 day no questions asked return policy. Use it! Abuse IT! and Reuse it!
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    Looks like that deal is toast ... which is a pity!
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    they credited me $60 yesterday, which represented three months of the mispricing... said they will continue to do that every three months
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