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    Hi guys, i'm debating buying a new Treo600, however I heard that T-Mobile requires you to sign up for the $19.99 unlimited internet plan, in addition to their voice plan.

    I was probably going to land up with the Family Plan w/T-Mobile. Is it true that it is required to have the unlim. data plan as well?

    I was thinking of using this as my Palm OS organizer, in addition to phone. I've had a Palm M500, a Sony UX50, and previously, Dell Axim X5 which I hated. I now want to switch back to the Palm OS, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Thoughts?
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    You can get just T-Zones or nothing but the voice plan.
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    not true, I have $4.99 T-Zones plan and I get to do everything except goto SSL protected sites (Web, IM/chat, email)

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    i'll point out that if they know you have a 600, they may push you toward the $20.00, but you dont need any plan if all you want is a phone.
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    I know for me, they know I have a Treo600 and didnt push me for the $20 plan but they also were not very helpful in setting anything up. Lucky we have this board with alot of cool people to help out.

    Treo 600 on T-Mobile
    Honda CBR600RR
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    You dont need to buy anything you don't want. No internet is fine. Why have a mobile data device without a data service? But it works fine without any of the above.


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