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    AT&T has better coverage at my home and office area than VZW and I like the idea of being able to travel abroad with the same device. Therefore, I am on day 2 of my 30 day Treo 600 trial. The deal is sweet - $175 for the Treo ($275-$100 rebate ).

    So far, I like the coverage (surprisingly), battery life, and how data does not prevent voice connections as it does on CDMA phones.

    One problem: there is no Wireless Sync. Wireless Sync is a Blackberry-like offering on Smartphones by VZW which works well for those of us with the unlimited data plans. It is set up easily with no corporate IT involvement. It gives you email, calendar, to-dos, address book and VZW has some other nice "calendar plus" and travel features.

    AT&T doesn't offer anything close. I was really unimpressed by the Office Assistant offering where you get your corporate email and calendar posted to the web only. Worse yet, you have to pay $5 for the privilege of browsing it.

    My company uses Notes/Domino and Intellisync has an offering but it is implemented at the server level. You need an Act of Congress to introduce new sofware at my company (international with over 300,000 employees in the US alone). Goodlink doesn't work with Notes.

    Has anyone heard of Blackberry-like offering which could be used with my AT&T Treo 600 and Notes?

    I'm willing to hang on to the AT&T phone for a while if some product is on the horizon. Otherwise, it goes back mid-September.
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    I know mnotes works, but you'd probably need help from IT to set up. Someone mentioned Visto too.

    Do a search for Lotus Notes. There are some threads on this.
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    350,000 plus employees on Exchange. We are prototyping Intellisync. Wireless sync works great. Support team is debugging usb cable sync. Probably network issue internally.
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    go to and try to sign up it does what you want.

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