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    i was wondering if t-zones pro would work on my 270 to allow me to acess aim/irc/email/basic web browsing/blogging and stuff like that. if it is, how would i go about it? i know on my old phone tzones was a menu item. how does it work on the treo?
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    I 've been up since Monday on $4.99 T-Zones on my 270... they must have taken almost a week to turn it on.... The withdrawl from WAP was so bad I almost checked in to Betty Ford clinic... but getting my fix now...

    I do not use pop3 mail.. so i cant speak for that...

    However, If you download AVANTGO (free) It really works great on my 270 Use it as your browser, no proxy needed and you can travel most of the web... Yahoo mail work thru that (without push)

    Verichat is working on the $4.99 T-Zones wap as well.... You have to use the program to get to AIM and IRC as well as Yahoo and MSN. BUt you can do it as part of unlimited $4.99 plan

    To set up ... use your old free t mo settings
    in Blazer go to
    network preferences/
    Name it what you want to (T-ZOnes)
    login leave blank
    password -Unassigned-

    Its just like before..
    One happy camper here...
    Any more questions, let me know....

    back to getting more with T-MO
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    How did you get signed up. On the T-Mobile site I have no choice to add T-Zones--probably because I said I have a 270 and they don't think it's compatible. What did you tell them you had?
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    just wanted $4.99 tzones service added to this line when you dial 611....

    they didnt ask any questions if you get generic customer service
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    Are you absolutely sure you're only using T-zones and don't have Internet on at a per byte charge or something? We tried your settings on hubby's (my old) Treo 270 last night with no luck whatsoever.
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    Use Avantgo Browser

    Blazer does not work without a proxy server, but you use it to set your network settings..

    a little more info that you might need to set..

    when you set up your network preferences.. click on
    fallback = none/
    ip address check automatic
    query dns unchecked
    primary dns
    secondary dns

    avantgo regular browser ( not wireless browser should be installed)...

    it works for me!
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    ps I am sure that it is $4.99 t-zones, as prior to August 11th this setup up gave me FREE wirelss internet for 6 months till they caught on...

    I specifically ordered $4.99 tzones
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    Will try again this evening!
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    if you go to your my tmobile page, and click on manage account. go into my plan and services, and you will see the option of add or chage services on the right, click that, and you can choose from all of the extra services that tmobile provides. ps, whats the deal with blazer needing a proxy and stuff, it works just fine for me, and i never configured anything. am i missing something? or does blazer just totally suck compared to other browsers?
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    WHen i had blazer working i thought it was slow with poor graphics...

    I'm telling you this Avantgo rocks.... and I dont have stock or work for them
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    ill have to check it out. i remember the avantgo proggy from my ppc that would get news when I hot-synced it.
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    yes its the same thing..except... when you turn on connect in menu
    then it goes to that favorite link instantly live without hotsyncing or downloading everything

    i made google one of my favs.. i get live google in avantgo within 5 seconds

    then much easier to type in what i want aside from my regular nytimes local papers etc

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