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    Looks like my initial thoughts were incorrect. I called up AT&T yesterday when I looked at their website under our company's premier account and noticed a 24.99 unlimited data plan (I was on the 19.99/month 8mb plan). The CSR on the phone had me create an account on where I could change my data plan. Once logged on to that site, I saw that my current data plan was called mMode something or other (Plus, maybe?), so I switched it to mMode Ultra which is the unlimited plan for 24.99 (with an additional corporate discount, yey!).

    I think the problem is that they are probably now using the term "mMode" for all data plans, yet some phones can only access AT&Ts mMode sites (those that have limited browsing capabilities)...

    my revised .02
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    Quote Originally Posted by btmedolin
    Any updates on this from users who are on the mMode with a treo?

    My question is, if you have an Edge enabled device, can you access Edge data rates through mModes? Or do you need one of the more expensive data plans?

    Thanks in advance.
    I have the Mmode data plan and have not had any problems with what webpages I can visit, nor have I had a problem accessing my hotmail pop3 account.

    I was originally told by customer service that Mmode was not available for the treo, but on a subsequent call was able to add the plan.
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