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    I saw an article a few days ago that the Cingular/AT&T transaction is being expedited and should be completed in a couple of months. My understanding is that Cingular will give up it's network in California and AT&T's network would survive. That's bad news for me and other folks along the Central California coast and in other areas of California as AT&T has poor service in our area, while Cingular's has improved dramatically in the past year. I am now able to use my Cingular T600 as my phone both at home and on the road, while my wife, who has AT&T service, has only spotty reception anwhere in the area.

    Does anyone know about the changeover in California? Hopefully, my inderstanding is incorrect and the Cingular network would survive.
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    the separation of T-mobile and Cingular in NYC market and Nevada/Californa will take place in 4 years, so Cingular will have sufficient time to develop their own network on ATT's equipment
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