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    I've been happily using my Sprint PCS Treo 600 since September of 2003. But my new company is using ATT Wireless and I will be forced to use their service since it is being paid for by the company. No one at the company has a Treo 600, but the IT guys have given me the go ahead to use whatever phone I want after they issue me the standard Nokia 6200. I'll be purchasing and expensing an unbranded Treo 600, so cost is not an issue on the phone.

    However, cost is an issue on any data plan that I piggyback onto my voice plan. Basically, the company will pay whatever $$ necessary for voice (lots of international travel) but they won't pay a freakin' dime for data. Mainly, the issue boils down to "if you get it, everyone else will want it too and really data is just for fun non work stuff like chat...". So, my question is, with an unbranded Treo 600, can I sign up for Mmode with the nokia 6200, switch the sim to the Treo 600 and do everything that I currently do on my Sprint PCS Treo 600? (Everything includes POP and IMAP email, web browsing, verichat, etc.) I just read a recent thread about Mmode on the Treo 600 and it seems that it will work. But will it work with everything? I can't believe that the unlimited data plan for a PDA on ATT Wireless is $50. It's rediculous...

    What are the chances that ATT would find out that I am using Mmode on a Treo 600? What would be the consequences? I use quite a bit of data, mostly from email attachments.
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    Instead of the $49.99/month unlimited PDA data plan you can get the unlimited mmode plan for $24.99/month. I made the switch.
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    Can you get open Internet access on the mMode APN? Is there any difference?
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    CEC, I guess that is my whole issue. Can I get away with paying the $25.00 for unlimited Mmode, or do I have to pay the $50 for unlimited data for a PDA phone? I want to make sure that EVERYTHING will work the same using Mmode. So I'm looking for confirmation of that fact.

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