Sort of a repeat item from my last posting, but I got the GPRS fixed. (Borrowed a friend's Cingular SIM, installed GPRS using v112 updater).

Last and most annoying problem - My T180 WON'T recognize T-Mo as a voice network, and I receive error 0x4002 when I try to connect to T-Mo GPRS.

At present, my T180 network search only comes up with USA PAC BELL and USA Pocket. I've spent almost 2 hours with TechSppt with no resolution.

Not sure if it's a related problem, but the unit won't ring for incoming calls unless the screen is on. (i.e. if the unit's been in my pocket long enough for the screen to go to sleep, I won't get notification of calls, SMS, or Voicemails..) I don't even get the "you missed a call" screen.. it just doesn't register the radio is on when it goes to sleep..

I've run the GPRS updater. I've run the Radio Reset App. I'm about to tower test what should be a perfectly new T180....