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    I am currently on Verizon where the data and voice minutes are both taken from the same pool of minutes. I am looking at either AT&T or T-Mobile and at least for the Treo600 they require that you buy a data plan in addition to a voice plan. At least on AT&T the data plan was $29.95 and a voice plan comparable to my plan on Verizon was $39.95. Which makes AT&T more expensive than my current Verizon plan at $49.95. I don't use the web/email/SMS much, so the Verizon plan works well for me, but I do want to get GSM for the battery life and the international roaming capability. Can I just buy a voice plan and still use the web with AT&T and T-Mobile, and if not, do they offer data + voice plans that are around the $50/month rate?

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    Sign up for the T-Mobile T-zones feature $4.99 per month and you'll have access to the web. This thread should give you more info.
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    I know you said AT&T and T-Mobile, but just for comparison sake, Cingular gives you Pay-per-kilobyte ($.01 per KB) GPRS for free. You can also buy it in bigger packages with the unlimited being $29.99 on regular phones and $39.99 on PDA phones (including the Treo). SMS is $.10 per message (sent or received). MMS is $.25 per message (sent or received). You can also buy access to the dial-up data access for $3.99 per month wich uses your voice-plan minutes. But that is considerably slower then the GPRS.

    Good luck with your decision...


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