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    I currently have a treo 600 w/ Sprint and data speed is fine. I am having a problem with the Sprint signal coverage in my house ((don't use data at home, thats what the computer is for), and as such I get a roaming signal for my voice calls, even though I am less that 3500 feet from a Sprint tower - they are checking on the problem) and my have to switch to T - Mobile (have 10 more days on my 14 day trail period with Sprint).

    I would like to get real world experience on T-Mobile / GPRS data speeds in comparison to the CDMA / Sprint data sppeds. I understand it is slower, but is it significant?

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    I use T-mobile in the tristate area...i would say stick with sprint till tmobile upgrades to is tolerable but nowhere near sprint's performance...also check out this thread....
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    Thanks, but the link did not work (got a message to contact webmaster) would be appreciated if you could repost the link...Thanks

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