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    It took months for TMobile to get the Treo 600 certified for use, and it took longer than that to get it on its web site. If you called them before they had one most of the CSRs did not know what one was. They started selling to Business users first and held out normal customers.

    Now on their front page they have "Coming Soon! The HP iPAQ h6315 get yours first".

    Why the long wait for the Treo's and a pre-announcement (with some over statements) for the iPAQ?

    Please no replies with phone bashing. My question relates to why one handset (regardless of features) gets one treatment and another gets preffered treatment.
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    You have inside information that the HP was tested on a shorter time line? Was the supply constraint for the Treo in consideration?
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    I have no inside information. Just an observation that "Coming Soon", "Get yours first", and registration to get an invitation to buy one before it officially goes on sale never appeared for Treos.
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    maybe T-mobile did n't realize the smartphone potential...and after treo 600 success story..they would have realized and might be hoping for iPAQ h6315 to make it big..

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