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    I am in the process of ditching both ATT and my Tungsten. My intention was to buy an unlocked TREO 600 and pop in a Cingular SIM. the poeple at the Cingular store locally are telling me that people have had problems doing that. Aside from the fact that I know they want to sell me the equipment- the reality is that I live in a market where I do not think they know what they are talking about in the retail store. Their only source of information is what is posted on their own website.

    Is there any reason anyone here knows that I cannot use an unlocked/ unbranded TREO 600 for either phone or data on Cingular? What I want to do is open a UK account and swap chips when I get off the plane.

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    I've been using an unlocked (Cingular-branded) 600 for some time with a T-Mobile SIM and no problems whatsoever.

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