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    (excuse my fragmented thoughts - i'm very upset right now...)

    I purchased my Treo600. I switched to a GSM plan and received a $.99 phone and the SIM card. I have the Treo now working just fine on the network for phone calls but data won't work and calls to the carrier indicate that their network will not service my phone. Unfortunately there is only one local cellular carrier. I signed up for an $80 unlimited data paln along with a $45 voice plan and have now discovered that the data plan won't even work with my phone... the system is GPRS.

    So, my question is if i go with a different carrier and just constantly "roam" in my hometown and use CellularOne's new GSM network, will i have full data access since i'll be using Cingular or some other carrier? It appears that i can save myself a good $60 making the shift but really don't want to risk it if i still will be unable to use the data features to their fullest extent.

    I guess my other option is to move off of this island and someplace with 1st world technology.
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    I'm a bit confused as to your situation.
    Let me get this right. You bought a $99 phone and then switched your SIM from the $99 phone to your Treo.
    You signed up for an $80/month data plan (with $45/month voice plan.)
    You can not get data working on the Treo (GPRS internet data.)
    Your local carrier that you signed up with is Cellular One?

    You're asking that if you roam to Cingular, will you be able to use the GPRS data (while roaming?) The answer is yes, any carrier that you roam to that supports GPRS should support your data. Make sure your rate plan with your carrier allows "No charges for roaming" otherwise you pay a heft per KB charge for data while roaming.

    First of all have you ruled out configuration issues. In other words does your carrier support data and maybe the treo is not configured properly to use the data plan?
    The Treo does use GPRS, and if your carrier supports GPRS there should be a way to make it work.

    If I'm misunderstanding and your carrier is Cingular (Not Cellular one) note that Cingular has an unlimited PDA Internet Express plan for $40. So you shouldn't need to pay $80

    Is your $99 phone able to access the internet? If you bought the data plan and you can't get to the internet from your phone, then maybe your carrier has not activated you correctly. If you can get to the internet from the phone, but not the treo, then we just need to figure out what needs to be re-configured.

    It would help to know where you are and who your a carrier is.
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    Thanks for the reply and the questions.

    The phone i received came as a promotion for switching to GSM service with CellularOne. It was 99 cents. I activated the phone just fine and then switched the SIM card to the Treo. I am in southeastern Alaska - literally on an island - with CellularOne being the only service provider. I can not get the data working. I am getting a 0x7143 error telling me that my network settings are not correct. I called CellularOne and talked to a technician (eventually) who told me that the phone would not work. I asked if there was a service name, user name, password or APN that i could enter and he said no. He reiterated that my phone would not work other than voice service. I asked if the data was GPRS and he said that it was. So my question is if i switched to Cingular (or any other GSM provider) and then was roaming on CellularOne's network if the data services would somehow work then. It looks like i can save a bundle by switching to another carrier and signing up for a no roaming/long distance plan with an unlimited data package.

    Top this off with me calling back CellularOne and telling them that i'd like to cancel this GSM contract because i cannot get the service that i was expecting. I had checked with a sales associate before purchasing the Treo to make sure that it would work and they said "It should."

    The Nokia phone that i received with the switch to GSM seems to have some limited internet access but i want the Treo's capabilities not their "internet" access.

    Thanks again for the reply!
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    I just received a call from someone with Cingular saying that I would not be able to use the Treo for data service on CellularOne's GSM network. Time to try and mail all this crap back and get my GSM contract nulled.

    I'm jealous of all of you in the real world.
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    I checked out CellularOne's web site with your zip code and I don't see any mention of data services. They just say GSM, but data is possible over GSM.
    Perhaps there is GPRS and it's just not on the web site.
    GSM data is done through a dial-up method where the phone essentially uses it's internal modem to make a phone call, connect, and send data while using minutes. But you paid for a data plan so that doesn't make any sense. That indicates to me the data plan is for kilobytes sent/received, otherwise you'd just be using your voice minutes and wouldnt need to subscribe to a data plan.

    Sorry you can't get it working. If you can get data working on the promo phone, maybe you can copy the settings from the phone into the network profiles section on the treo.

    You could head over to and plea you case there asking anyone if they have suggestions. They have a lot of cell phone geeks over there that may know something.

    What I'm getting at is that if you are able to web browse on the promo cell phone, then you SHOULD be able to get the same thing working on the Treo.
    The Treo uses an internal database of pre-configured "network profiles" and it loads the network profiles for your carrier based on what SIm you put in. If Handspring/Palm never set up network profiles for your carrier, then the network profile is not configured by default. You'll have to do it manually. But figuring out what those settings are is the fun part.

    Go in to the phone's settings for the web browser and post everything you can find. Access point name, user name, password might be hidden, data bearer, etc.
    Maybe we can figure something out.

    What you'll need to do next is...:
    Go into "Prefs"
    Select "Network"
    See if there are any settings already in ther in the drop down.
    If there are non, yoiu'll hae to create one and use the settings that you get out of your other phone.
    Connection type should be: GPRS
    User name: (need to get this)
    Password: (need to get this also)
    (But there may not be a user name and password, when I was on AT&T wireless there wasn't one.)
    APN: See if you can get this from the other phone.
    That should be it. There are advanced settings for IP address and DNS, but I don't think you'll need to touch those.

    If the data is NOT GPRS and it IS GSM. The data bearer will be either ISDN or Wireless dial-up in which case you're going to need to obtain the phone number as well.

    Happy hunting. Let me know what you find out.
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    Thanks for the reply again taylorh. I fiddled around back and forth with the setting last night (much to my girlfriend's annoyance) and was able to piece together the connection. It looks like at exactly the same time you were composing your latest reply that i was gathering clues for the settings for my phone.

    So, for the benefit of anyone else monopolized by CellularOne and desperate to make a Treo 600 work on their network, here they are...

    Service: "CellularOne"
    Connection: "GPRS"
    User Name : [blank]
    Password: [blank]
    APN: "cellular1wap"

    IP address and DNS are not necessary - i tried filling in the IP address listed in my "supported" phone but the connection did not work.

    Thanks again for the support taylorh. I had been waiting for these capabilities for a long time and finally our carrier switched and then all i was getting was one disappointmentat after another. Now... i should see about switching to a different carrier to save that $60 a month...
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    Zieak - can you see the black triangle symbol over your signal strength indicator? You will see this if two conditions are fulfilled - you are in GPRS coverage and secondly if your account has been provisioned for GPRS. Not sure if this helps but at least it provides you with a way of detecting a couple of key factors in getting this working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poryphyron
    Zieak - can you see the black triangle symbol over your signal strength indicator? You will see this if two conditions are fulfilled - you are in GPRS coverage and secondly if your account has been provisioned for GPRS. Not sure if this helps but at least it provides you with a way of detecting a couple of key factors in getting this working.
    I didn't even think to have him check that. That's right, if you don't see the black triangle above the bars, then you won't have any chance of getting on GPRS. If you DO see the black triangle, then it should be just a matter of finding the settings. See the Treo 600 manual, these indicators are in there so you can see what he talking about.

    You might also want to try pushing your way through Cellular One's customer support to insist on talking to someone for tech support. I know you tried that already, but now knowing more than you did before, maybe you know the right questions to ask. Tell them you just need to know the GRPS access point settings for your phone to configure it manually.

    The settings should exist. For a nokia phone you can configure it over the air via SMS at
    I wish Palm had a similar tool. As far as I know if you attempted to use this too with palm, it wouldn't work.

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