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    Before i used to send e-mail fairly quick, but now I can send text e-mail quick but when i try to send a pic It will go really slow then stop at the end. I tried T-Mo's smtp server and also putting my e-mail info on I get the same slow results.

    I am on the 4.99 in so. california.
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    Hey, did you upgrade your phone / Treo Mail program in between? I have this problem with Cingular ( ....
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    Well last time I up graded my phone was with the t-mo updater, after that e-mail was still fine. I am using snapper mail and have tried use the default e-mail app, and it still goes slow. Its kind of annoying if they keep changing the speeds of service.
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    I thought things began to be slower stating Friday afternoon (August 6) in the Sacramento area.
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    I also tried using diffrent least i cant still send text only e-mails fine.

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