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    I read somewhere that the t-mobile smtp server was

    Do you need a specific data plan to use it?

    Can you use the smtp server with t-zones? Or do you need the $20 data plan?

    Also, it says you need a username/password.

    Is it the one you log onto the t-mobile website with? Or its an actual email account you only get with the $20 plan?


    - John
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    You can use it with the 4.99 plan and send out e-mail. But latley at least for me out going e-mail goes so slow.

    From what i know there are 2 ways to make e-mail send out.

    you can just put with no password or id.

    or you can go to and if you have a t-zones plan you can inpute your e-mail info.You get there Id and the password is yours from your e-mail account.
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    also make sure you network setting is set to t-zones, hope this helps.

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