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    I have GoodLink software (like Blackberry) to get my work email. I have TMo as a provider. I am on the Unlimited Internet plan and the unlimited SMS plan. It apears that Goodlink uses SMS text to notify the Treo that there is an email to be retrieved. GPRS needs to be established for this to happen. Do I really need the nlimited Internet as I dont surf the web because of the slow speed?
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    The SMS messages that control the push email are not counted in your plan. These are hidden messages sent to notify GoodLink software that new mail events have occurred. You don't have to worry about this being taken from your SMS bucket.

    With regards to data plan, you could make an estimate of your data usage over amonth and take a swag at which of the lesser GPRS plans would work for you. However overage is pricy should you run over your bucket. I think it is far preferable to pay the extra and have peace of mind.

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