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    For starters, I am not a early adopter nor a technofile...although if I had more time I would like to be ;-)

    I have had my T600 for about 3 months now and love the thing...but have been using it as a palm based phone to eliminate one device. Until today I have not used the web functions....I don't even have a data plan or T-zones on my account (that I know of)

    tonite I was just goofing around and set the network to T-zones and BAM!! I was on. I surfed a bit and seem to be able to surf just fine....This brings to two questions:

    To my knowledge, I do not have T-zones. Is this s goof on their part? or am I being billed using minutes etc.?

    Second, what are the significnat differences between T-zones and full access? Why would one want or need one or the other?

    All I really want to be able to do is scan the web for news etc when killing time and to do some minor email work (i.e. send a quick email regarding something) but don't yet need to be a power user.

    Anything you can tell me..will be useful


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    A few months ago TMO was offering free TZones with new accounts. I believe that it is the same plan they sell for $4.95 per month.

    The different TZones are confusing. Basically only a few internet ports are open (POP email, HTTP etc). The $19.99 Internet plan has all ports open.

    If TZones works for you, then keep it. Check your next bill and if it has no charges then it is included in you plan.

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    I am on a 3000 minute a month plan (and use most of it), so I just dial up my normal ISP for my e-mail and for blazer. It charges me minutes but nothing extra. You ask some good questions that I hope someone will answer. But if the full internet plan is 19.95 a month I would wonder how many minutes you could buy for 20 bucks a month. How much are you going to use the WEB with your Treo 600?


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