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    I am seriously considering purchasing a Treo 600 for use with Cingular to replace my current cell phone and Balckberry. Has anyone else done the same? If so how do the email features compare with Blackberry? Are attachments a big deal to open and are you instantly notified of new email like you are with Blackberry? Any advice is appreciated.
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    I don't own a Blackberry, but in general, I don't believe that the Treo 600 can really compare in its standard configuration to a Blackberry's features. You can set it up to check e-mail every few minutes, and you can read (not edit) Word, Excel, and PDF attachments. But I don't think it has all the same features. Now don't get me wrong, I love my Treo! And you can add applications that do a more push type functions for mail, calendar, and contact info. like the Blackberry does. But those are extra. So if you're planning on it giving you the same level of functionality that a Blackberry gives you, I'm afraid you may be disappointed.
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    We have 4 Treo 600's on Cingular and we use software, GoodLink, to provide the real time connection to Outlook and Exchange Server. Our experience has been the Treo is a reasonably decent data device, but a poor phone. Maybe it's Cingular GSM, maybe it is the Treo, but voice quality and echo are generally bad. Our advice to other managers in the company is to keep their separate cell phone and use a wireless data device like Blackberry or Goodlink for real time connections to Outlook. Maybe the next generation PDA/Phones will be better, but so far, the Treo 600's on Cingular's GSM network have been a poor comprimise.

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