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    At my last employer I had a Sprint device and used ##TETHERED (83843733) to enable Tethered mode between the Treo and the laptop, does anyone know if this is possible on TMobile's version of the Treo 600?

    Thanks much!

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    To enable tethered mode, dial:
    #*83843733 (for GSM models) (TMobile,AT&T,Cingular)
    ##83843733 (CDMA models) (Sprint/Verizon).
    As you know, but I'll state for the record, `83843733' spells`tethered'.
    Once you enable Tethered mode, I don't know how to get the PC to use the GPRS connection yet. I just started looking into this 5 min ago.
    You can also use "PDANet for Treo 600" which make using your Treo as a modem over GPRS automatic. I've used it, it works like a charm. I just wanted to figure out how to set up a connection using Tethered mode. Perhaps I'll know once I've done my research.
    PDA Net is at:
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    Awesome! Thank you for this info, I had been trying ##. Anyways, I am familiar with PDANet, but this costs money =)

    Another problem I have is that my laptop seems unable to talk to the Treo, even for hotsync, I'll be posting another thread about this if I removing and reinstalling doesn't work.

    Please post back here when you figure out how to get Windows (XP?) to connect with TETHERED.. I know how to do it with FreeBSD! =)


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