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    Hi all,

    I just unlocked my AT&T Treo 600. I want to check out free T-Mo WAP using my friend's SIM card. Can someone explain what settings I need to change?

    Thanks in advance.
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    How did you unlock your AT&T treo 600? I have mine and I want to unlock it for T-mobile
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    I am in the same dilemma but once I unlock my phone (tonite) I will post my results and intructions.

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    I bought unlock instructions from eBay
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    I don't think the Treo 600 is compatible with WAP. I talked to a CSR in the past and that was the answer I got. I think you have to get a GPRS plan either unlimited for 19.95(with a voice plan) or lower. Some of the phones come WAP enabled such as the Nokia 3595 and the SE T610. Tmo rules!
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    Actually you can use the Treo with WAP or t-zones. Your only limitation is that you can only use ports 80, pop, imap, and a few others
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    I am using my T-mo treo with the $5 T-zones plan... I can use email, IM (using verichat), and listen to shoutcast station... the only thing i am missing is that i cannot FTP files.

    to set it up just goto Prefs -> Network. Then in the Service pull down menu choose T-Zones. Try to connect. Mine worked the first time every time. Gotta love it 8-)
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    T-Mobile maintains several flavors of GPRS - T-Zones simply limits the kind of IP access you get to the Net. Cheaper but serviceable. I'd rather pay for the all you can eat go anywhere plan.

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