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    Is anyone using a family plan with t-mobile? I currently have two Treo 600s
    with unlimited internet and the 300 message sms package. The family plan
    seems like it might save me a couple of bucks. I know it will if I add a third
    (non treo) line to the package. But, what I am wondering about are the
    text message and data packages. Do all lines draw from the same message
    pool or does each line have its own pool? Data... I assume that each line
    needs its own package, do all lines need the same package? Sharing
    a single data package would be outstanding, but too much to ask for.
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    All the phone's share the voice mins, but each phone must have its own t-zones, sms, MMS, and insurance.... I have the same deal with my girl. Saves us each $25 a month.
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    I have a family plan with my Treo and 3 other non-Treo phones sharing the 800 minute/month pool. I also get an additional 300 SMS messages for each phone for $2.99 each. No data, but free WAP. Works for me, just have to make sure my daughters keep their minutes under their 200/mo allocation, which is the major trick...

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