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    When I attempt to browse to http://device.home which is the home URL for Cingular's mywirelesswindow, I get an error.
    Anyone know if this is accessible from the Treo's Blazer browser?

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    Again I've answered my own question here. So I'm posting for future reference.
    I haven't figured out the mystery behind the http://device.home URL not working yet, but I did find a way to get to mywirelesswindow.

    I discovered it by accident when I factory reset my TREO to troubleshoot something. I then went to the web browser and was boweld over when the home page came up as Cingular's mywirelesswindow.
    It seems that the first time coming online with Cingular, Blazer sets the home page to Cingular's wireless window. By way of comparison when you do this with an AT&T wireless SIM it sets the home page to PalmOne portal.

    Long story short the URL is:
    You can access this from any web browser, including Treo's.

    This is alll probabally a non issue for most Cingular people who have never been on another network. I was messed up because I was switching over and had my home page set to something other than <defualt>
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    It's Good All Good

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