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    I was browsing the net for an unlocked Treo 600 to use with AT&T's GSM service and came across this site which sells them:

    The description has an interesting --and troublesome-- warning: "Carrier: Any GSM Network that uses 850/900/1800/1900 mHz except AT&T Wireless."

    Does anyone know why this unlocked Treo 600 wouldn't work on AT&T's GSM network?

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    I've got an unlocked Treo 600 and it does indeed work on the AT&T wireless GSM network. I purchased it from

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    I also have a cingular version that came unlocked from handspring that has worked from day one with att. I do know that the att units come with additional software for office online or something like that. I guess that part would not work unless you could find the software. Phone and gprs works fine with the cingular version.

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    We have them in stock and cheaper than both those places. They want $699? Boy that's high. We have them for $629.95 until Tuesday, 6/6.

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    Is that until Tuesday, June 6th, 2006?

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