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    Downloaded the Treo 600 updater for ATT (ATTW 1.13 Updater.prc) and I cannot open it on my mac with OS 10.3.4. Instead of the application opening it is recognized by the program "Graphics Converter".
    I would be appreciative of any help!

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    Just open the HotSync Manager application, and use the "Install Handheld Files" menu item in the HotSync menu, and then either drag the file(s) to the open window, or click the add to list button.

    If you want to just be able to double-click a .prc file and have it do this for you automatically, select any .prc file on your Mac, hit clover-I (or use the get info menu), and when the info window for the file opens, use the "Open with" popup menu to select the HotSync Manager application, and then click the "Change All" button to have all .prc files open the HotSync Manager application.

    Bill S

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