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    So today I went to move my number over to Cingular. The number portability system was down so they gave me a new number temporarily until I can return to have my number ported over.
    As a result, I have both my AT&T account still active and now I have my Cingular at the same time.

    Long story short. I waned the Mediaworks plan, so I signed up with the free samsung phone. After all was activated and working, I put my SIM card into my Treo and I'm having problems:

    1) The GPRS triangle will not appear over the signal strenth. Additionally, when trying to web browse I can tell it's timing out on the "Cingular Express" network setting and falling back to the "Cingular" setting which shows up as "ISDN" in the network settings. It's very sloooooow.
    When the SIM is in the samsung phone it attempts a GPRS and eventually falls back to some other data mode.

    2) Under the phone options the "Select Network" item is missing. When the SIM is in the Samsung flip phone the network selection is grayed out and set to "automatic" (It won't let me select a network manually.)

    So for you Cingular people. Does this sound familiar? Did Cingular not turn on my GPRS.
    What's up with the not being able to select a network. Is this normal.

    When I use my AT&Tws SIM in the same location I am able to manually select the Cingular network and geton Cingular's GPRS with no problem.

    The whole point of this switch was to take advantage of MediaWorks for $20 (even though you're not supposed to get it on a PDA.) It saves me $40 from the AT&Tws unlimited PDA data plan and an SMS message plan.

    Just wanted to know what was normal before I call up Cingular and start complaining to someone who has no idea what I'm talking about.

    The Treo is an unlocked non-carrier specific version directly from Palm (ROW)

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    Update: Yes, they failed to program the SIMs correctly for GPRS, they were on GSM data. A phone call to customer service fixed the issue. Now it does GPRS but will not connect to GSM (I hope that's by design.)

    "Select Network": Cingular locks you into automatic network selection, at least now they do (maybe some older customers can get manual.) As a result you can not manually select your network so the 'select network' menu option doesn't appear under the phone settings. Not a big deal, honestly. I found it convenient to do manual selection when I was on AT&T, but it was usually to force it over to Cingular for a stronger signal
    I asked if they could unlock it so I could do manual selection and she said she had no idea how to do that. Maybe with persistence I could get someone who could, but I'll leave that for another day when I have too much time on my hands.

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