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    I am really torn between Sprint and T-Mobile. I am currently on T-Mobile and want to get a Treo 600 but i know I will be a heavy data user. I really like the fact that the TReo can stream audio but it has to be a good connection. I will alos browse (like mapquest and Yahoo email) when on the road.

    I am in NJ (Essex county)

    Thanks people.

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    I use streaming audio on T-Mobile (using T-Mobile VPN). It works well for some low-bandwidth stations and badly for others. This leads me to believe that how well it works has to do with the station itself (and the path from it to the phone) and that there are no inherent problems with the T-Mobile conection and its bandwidth. For example, I can listen to Virgin radio from the UK at 32 KB/s without ANY skipping.
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    I am also on T-Mobile and have had minimal problems with streams, only stations with high band with stations (as expected.) If you stick to low bandwith stations, there is no skipping. In fact, I was listing to a Phillies game in Maui last week.
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    I am on Cingular and have been really enjoying the streaming capabilities even though I'm limited to 32 and 24 kbps stations. There was a thread, I believe in 600 hardware, where I queried some of the Sprint streamers about the station speeds they were gettting. If memory serves ome claimed to be able to stream 56 kbps consistenly, although I seem to remember a bunch also claiming the best they got were 32 kbps stations.

    On thing that is also worth noting is that my streaming experience is definitely better in areas where there is a strong signal (e.g., major metro areas). If you're only getting a few bars then you may have trouble.

    Ptunes has announced plans to add streaming during the 3.0 life cycel, btw. That will significantly expand the number of available stations (as if shoutcast were lacking in options).

    I think that streaming audio is definitely one of the killer apps for the Treo & smartphones in general. The propsect of EDGE/EVDO speeds in the not too distant future has me salivating. Also, hopefully with EDGE/EVDO you'll be able to take phone calls while you're streaming (currently not possible).
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    Anyone getting Streaming audio on a 270 or 300?
    If so, how?
    On T Mo here
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    While we are on this subject, can anyone receive calls on his/her GSM Treo 600 while streaming? I can't (calls go to voicemail).
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    i have a gsm treo too, and i don't think it's possible to receive calls while streaming. even text messages are delayed while streaming.

    i'm also pretty sure that all pre-600 Treos could not stream or play music.
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    yup, i'm on t-mo and stream a dallas talk show and a couple classical stations... it works like a charm, but they are low bandwidth stations.
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