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    Just checking if anyone out there on AT&T has experienced an easier time roaming onto Cingular's network?? Or vice versa?

    On a purely anectdotal note, I have been able to do so in areas where AT&T coverage is nonexistant and Cingular's is strong.

    -Craig J.

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    I have noticed the exact same thing in the Washington, DC area. My guess was it had to do with the new GSM America program. My service now regularly switches between my carrier AT&T and Cingular.
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    Works a lot nicer for me as well, first in DC and now in Sacramento
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    Oh yea, all over the southeast and on a recent trip to Vegas. And since they auto switched me to the new "expanded coverage GSM" or whatever, no call or data roaming fees on ATT/Cingular/Tmo. With a national plan, you can go literally anywhere and surf the web on your phone for the same rate. Now if only ATT will adopt the $20 unlimited data plan like every other carrier... Sigh...
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    Coverage has been considerably improved, with all new areas I could not get into before!
    Mark S

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