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    I just moved to South Carolina. Suncom has great plans, but do not currently offer a Treo. Has anyone used an unbranded Treo with Suncom? If so, did you get data services to work?

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    hah to wierd I just made a post like 2 minutes or so before you. I'm using an unbraded T600 on Suncom right now. It works good sans data.

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    I need data. I'm watching the other post to see if anyone can help make some progress. I'd sure like to be on the unplan.
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    I tried working with the Suncom tech support, which IMO was a waste of time. Suncom only has 1 phone aparently data capable an that's the danger hiptop. It uses it's own portal to boot. I've been told by several suncom reps though that they are currently testing the Treo right now and actually have them in the warehouse ready for sale. Hmmm I've heard that before ahem Verizon. Eitherway it works as a great phone on thier network just no data yet.

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    That would be great if it works. I'll be surprised if it is that simple. Please let us know how it goes.
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    turbosteve, I bet the reason it might not be working is you are using the browser which is for HTML sites, but that internet connections they gave you for inetunlimited give you a connection to the internet, but ports are closed off to only allow WAP access. I bet the only way you can get into that is have the info for connecting to the internet with Hiptop Sidekick settings which support HTML. To have unlimited data, it would require $25/month or $50/month for 200 voice minutes and unlimited data.
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    interesting idea. I would be interested in WAP only sites too, since I do very little online work but it would be nice to check my email and basic stuff like weather and movies. Hmmm, I'll check in to the data plan option. Anyone know by chance the settings for the hiptop connections?

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    Sorry enough of the screaming I'm just excited. As a recap I bought an unbranded GSM phone and inserted my sim card in to is from the local Suncom service. The phone worked great but no data. Here's what you need to do.

    1. Call Suncom and add iNet GPRS service AND i-Link modem service.
    2. On your T600 go to Pref's ->Network
    3. Create a New network, mine is named GPRS (original huh), connection type is GPRS. Leave Username and password blank. The APN is Internet. Now click details, then advanced make sure IP and DNS are checked for automatic.

    Viola, your now have data. The APN is one of the major hnagups since if you call techsupport they tell you the APN is Mobileinternet (all one word), this is incorrect and wouldnt work for me. Second by default under advanced settings the IP is populated with the IP of the GPRS network, it WILL NOT WORK unless you check the automatic box.

    Thats it, I hope this helps SOMEONE else out I know I'm excited, can you tell?


    edit notes: I added the bold section regarding i-Link. After working with another Suncom customer and helping him get it to work I discovered the problem. Suncom i-Net only works with the phones and i-Link is the data portion to work with Laptops. It only works with both, still not bad though $9 a month still beats the best carrier out there for unlimited data i.e. Sprint....
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    That's great. I'm very interested in this too. Suncom has some great calling plans. I just went to the Suncom site and it looks like it is $2 for unlimited internet access.

    What internet applications have you tried? For example, Web browsing, POP3 email, shoutcast access for Pocket Tunes, etc? I'm wondering if there are any network restrictions on the type of network traffic. Also, have you run any speed tests on to see what kind of throughput you are getting?

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    I checked into and yes unlimited GPRS data for $2, I was shocked I thought it was $25 but thats for the hiptop. Since they do not have any real data using phones only 2 or 3 WAP browser jobbies I guess they figure no one is going to download any serious data, boy are they gonna be wrong

    I've done POP3 and www and they work fine, I tried a speed test but coudnt post any results I'll try again later. I'd suspect based on time and size downloaded it's around 25k.

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    I was recently traveling in SC and had no problems checking email on the SunCom network. Reception was pretty good in most places, too. My contract is with ATT and when I didn't have them it always switched to SunCom first before Cingular. I'm hoping I don't get slammed with a ton of roaming fees for that...
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    Suncom won't let me add both i-net and i-link. The person in the store suggested I go with i-net to at least have limited capability... no go. Tech support now says that i-link is the only option- a pricey one it appears. Anyone else having luck?
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    you actually only need to add i-link. I found this out a little later. Something else I found out what that they're plan IS NOT unlimited. The basic 6.95 i-link gives you 2mb. The $20 plan gives you 10mb.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Turbosteve. I had been having difficulty getting this set up for some time. I read your post and it made it easy. I had to correct the Suncom rep though who insisted ILink would not work w/ the treo and I would need a tether cable. If not for your post with instructions, I would have gone along with that and still wouldn't have access. It is pretty awesome. Also, a tip: the rep told me that they have a $15 plan that offers 30mb and a $50 unlimited plan. It may only be available through live customer support because I couldn't find it on their website.
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    I don't know if you understand better the GPRS settings for your Treo, my I have a Motorola Mpx200 powered by Windows Mobile 2003, and I can't get it to connect to the SunCom iLink.

    Can you help? I tried adding a connection with Access Point set to internet, just as you did, but there is no way in WM2003 to have the IP automatically work.

    Please help!!


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