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    Hello!! I'm having a phone number switched to TMO, however in attempting to complete the registration process with them (still to finalize), they say that for the Cupertino (CA) zipcode, coverage is "marginal", and San Jose (where I live) "OK but not in a building".

    As I haven't yet signed up, should I dump TMO before I start and use AT&T instead?? I know it depends on the area/distance from a tower, however, what's the real scoop?? Is their coverage down the southern end of the bay that bad??

    Certainly the TMO rates seem better - maybe it's because the coverage isn't as good. Cingular seemed totally unhelpful on unlocking the 600 and said the phone would not work on another carrier. (That seems to be incorrect from reading the various messages here).

    Thanks in advance. Cheers
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    There should be no difference between T-Mo and Cingular as far as Bay Area coverage is concerned. T-Mo buys bandwidth from Cingular (i.e. they share the towers) and T-Mo will eventually own the towers since Cingular has decided to use AT&T's infrastructure and sell the old towers to T-Mo.

    If you don't believe it, just don't sign a contract and fire them if they don't deliver.
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    Many thanks "duoart" for the update. Cheers
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    It is probably to late but if I were you I would not go to TMobile . I have this service and have tried to use for the last 6 months. While phone coverage in the bay aea is very spotty the internet access is absolutlely awful and not reliable. Custumer service also sucks and they do nothing to keep their customers. I complained about having no internet access , they admitted to having problems but would not credit my account.
    Good luck
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    I am in a different part of the Bay Area - I live in the East Bay and work in the City. I am using T-Mo with my Treo 600 and the service is great. I can't remember the last time a call got dropped, and I use the phone in big buildings in SF all the time. I am very pleased with their customer service, too. I have used just about every carrier at one time or another, and I like T-Mo the best. ATT and Sprint are the worst, IMO. Some of the worst moments of my life have been spent dealing with Sprint's "customer service."
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    I've been with them all in the Bay Area, and in San Jose, only AT&T has good coverage. I roam to Cingular quite a bit, but see another thread - it doesn't look like Cingular roams (actually shares) AT&T in the same way. It is true that T-Mobile uses Cingular here - but T-Mobile doesn't have a sharing agreement with AT&T here. I wouldn't go with T-Mobile.
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    You mentioned Cupertino, I work in Cupertino, following are my two cents...

    I can confirm that both ATT and Cingular have good coverage there. I tried a TREO from Cingular and the coverage from Cingular was good in Cupertino. I have an ATT TREO and it also picks up very good coverage on the ATT Network and it can also access the Cingular Network - but ATT has very good coverage so that is not needed.

    In my opinion, if TMO is saying they do not have good coverage and others in your market can confirm that TMO has issues with direct coverage or roaming (ask people you know in Cupertino and San Jose about this), then I would not move forward with TMO. If you do not have reliable service you are not going to be satisfied, no matter how little they charge you.

    Good luck...
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    I agree with jakeblade, t-mobile is awful in the Bay Area & had the worst data rates of any carrier I've tried. Personally I like SPCS in the Bay Area.
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    At my company we mostly use T-mobile. All Treo 600's. We never have problems with Tmobile in the bay area. I think its great. I travel in San Jose/Cupertino/Cambell/Los Gatos/Sunnyvale/Mountain View 90% of the time. I can't remember the last time I got a dropped call in these areas.
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    I have had SPCS, Verizon & T-Mobile. With SPCS & Verizon the data connection, latency and throughput rates were good. With T-Mobile I would get constant time outs & very slow throughput when I did connect. I suppose if I hadn't been a SPCS/Verizon user I would have found T-Mobile acceptable, but since I had them to compare too, I was really disappointed. As far as voice calls, I would get constant network busy's & calls that would also never connect and remain in the "Dialing" state indefinately or drop all together.
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    Thanks to all that replied. For the record, I ended up dumping TMO within the 2 week cancellation period and going with AT&T, and have been happy with the coverage thus far.


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