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    I am new to the forum and all internet phones in general
    Just got the treo600 from my work. I set it up with just a voice plan thus far because the data prices are ridiculous for someone who wants to send just an occassional email message. I am able to get online but the data plans are too expensive. All i want to do is send and recieve email. Is there a way to do this with mmode or can i use my email through the same way text messages go by any chance (i can log on through a webmail site or pop3). I have my email account set up and have gotten in but am not using it too much just in case of charges i dont know if yet. Thanks!
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    You need a data plan. Watch the charges they will come.
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    Do you know anyway around this? The guy at the store was trying to set me up with some mmode data plan. Are there pay as you go or small data plans for those who don't use as much? If you definitely need a data plan what besides text messaging is minimal cost? Also what is sms and mms and what do they do and cost.
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    also I was just browsing forums and saw that there are apps that alert you when u get a message through sms. could this be an option? and if so how do I go about it. I don't even need to send email, just check what is coming in.
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    There's the $13 for 4 megs, that's what I used (now I'm on Cingular $20 for unlimited). If you want to use mMode or whatever, you need to configure your web browser accordingly...I think you need to use the proxy server and port 8080. You'd get to the mmode homepage by going to home:// or something like that. I think there's a thread about that on this board somewhere.

    The 4 megs can be used up really quikcly, so I'd watch to make sure you stay under that amount. Jerzydriver's right, if you go over the alloted data amount, you'll have to sell your house + family + dog just to pay off the charges. If you're sure you'll use less, they have that 1 meg plan. I can't remember the cost of that plan off the top of my head...

    I don't know about those email apps. What I did was autoconfigure my email account to forward a copy of all my incoming emails to my; so when I'd get any funny looking sms, I'd know it was time to check my email. Since incoming SMS messages are free with ATT, this worked great for me.
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    There is a $50/month unlimited PDA data plan through AT&T wireless. With a "qualified voie plan" you'll get a $5/month discount. This is still rediculous but it beats overages on data usage.
    I suggest starting with the $20/month 8MB data plan. Use it sparingly with email and keep an eye on your data usage until you get an idea what you're using. I was careless and ran up to 16MB which cost me a whopping $40 extra (on top of the $20) because each MB you go over is just crazy expensive.
    After that it was a no brainer to me. I decided that if I was going to try to use data and pay overage charges, I might as well pay $45 for unlimited in which case I could go nuts, have a ball, and use the damn thing all of the time.
    My biggest month thus far was 60Mb on the unlimited plan, but that was some pretty heavy web surfing and constant downloading of email with attachments.

    I just took the early termination fee hit to switch to Cingular so I could get the unlimited data for $20/month (Media Works.) I hear you're not supposed to be able to get it for Treo but as far as they know I just have the free samsung flip phone.

    I feel your pain Zip.

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