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    I am so frustrated with T-Mobile. On May 11th they ordered a replacement phone for me as my touchscreen had gone bad. It's now June 13th and still no phone. I was told on May 11th that there was a 10 day backorder and that I'd have my phone no later than two weeks. Subsequent calls at 2, 3 and 4 weeks drew the same response. They don't have a clue when a replacment phone will be coming. If T-Mobile can't replace a phone in a month they should never have supported it in the first place.

    Calls to PalmOne result in the same BS. Now I've got a replacement order in from both T-Mobile and PalmOne. Now the height of folly... PalmOne's doing two million dollar ad campaign. Hell, they can't support the users they've got now. Their only going to created more frustrated and angry customers.
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    T-Mobile apparently does all "their" TREO sales through PalmOne (if T-Mobile's web site is to be believed (*)). As such "T-Mobile's delay" is in reality PalmOne's delay.

    Strangely right at quarter end PalmOne's delay went down then skyrocketed not once, but twice.

    From the cynical POV this screams "INVENTORY DUMP!" to make financials look better.

    From the innocent POV there are probably innocent explanations as well.

    But in any case you are dealing with a PalmOne delay and that is currently quite high.


    (*) That is, you buy a TREO "direct from" T-Mobile and you actually get it from PalmOne - this doesn't say anything about buying a T-Mobile-compatible TREO from, say, Best Buy.
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    5 weeks and still counting... Damn, damn, damn! Shame on T-Mobile and PalmOne! No excuse!
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    That's why I decided to keep my old Treo 180.

    I agree that it sucks. Seems to me they should have better supply of warranty replacement units. One can only assume that demand for new ones is what is screwing things up for you. I can understand a company trying to maximize revenue, but....

    My sympathies!

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