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    Could someone link me to a free email account that they have previously had success getting email on their Treo 600?

    I have msn right now and have had no luck establishing contact with my email.

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    Check over here
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    have you tried That is assuming you are referring to a Hotmail account.
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    You are the man! I got on my email within about 10 minutes after running down the link! I tried for about 3 three weeks with no luck with my NX70. What a difference the Treo 600 is... This is like a dream come true!

    Now for a few questions...
    The msn email is terribly slow and bloated. Are they all like this?

    I guess the best way to figure it out is to try a few of the free one Sparxus linked to... more later.

    Thank you very much

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